• Hundreds of realized objects

  • Over 25 years experience

  • Great team of professionals

About us

“Mirosław Stachowski Projektowe Usługi Budowlane” was registered under its present name in 1996 in Rawicz. The beginning of its activity on the local market dates back to 1993. Its founder and the sole owner is Mirosław Stachowski M.Sc.

Initially, the registered office was located in a detached building on Jesienna 7 street. The steadily increasing number and size of the orders executed and growing number of serviced customers have led to the construction of a new office. The company moved to a new location in May 2000 – newly built, independent office building.

In the following years of its operation, the company acquired a new group of customers, expanded the scope of its offer and gained invaluable experience in the industry. This created the opportunity to work with demanding clients whose orders were particularly challenging which, in turn, increased the portfolio.

The company is now in its 25th year. This period allowed us to gather knowledge and experience necessary to implement all construction investments of our clients.

Scope of activities

“From your ideas, through our work, to the implemented investment”.



Our company provides comprehensive services for construction designs. Starting from the Client’s order, we elaborate comprehensive documentation related to construction designs. We perform specialized geological surveys, appraisal reports, reports of project’s environmental impact and other accompanying processes. We provide full legal and formal service during the implementation of individual investments. We obtain all required decisions, technical conditions, warranties, agreements, opinions and construction permits on behalf of the investors. We develop cost calculations, organize tenders which select an optimal contractor for a given investment. We negotiate and specify the standard for performing a given investment prior to commencement of the construction process. We supervise the whole construction process and act as a substitute investor ensuring proper implementation of the investment. The result of our activities is to obtain a final decision on the permit to use the building on behalf of the Investor.

Our Clients

We provide our services to businesses and Private Investors. We rely mainly on cooperation with regular Investors, who continue the cooperation with their next investment plans. Every year, our services are used by a number of new customers who return to our office with new investments. Our activities are focused mainly on the Polish market, but we also have the necessary experience required to implement investments outside the territory of Poland. Our major customers include:

Bolsius Polska sp. z o.o.
– Polish representative of the Dutch company involved in the worldwide production of candles which is also the largest producer of such products in the European Union,

– JOSERA company is leading petfood brand in Poland and around the world. It offers wide variety of food products for pets and cats in Premium and Superpremium quality.

Gobarto S.A.
– One of the largest Polish companies in the meat industry. Gobarto Group is active in the slaughter and pork cutting business. Since year 2014 Gobarto S.A. has been a part of Cedrob Capital Group.

Polbruk S.A.
Polbruk – is part of an international organisation CRH, a leading global building materials group

ZPB Kaczmarek S.A.
one of the largest private companies in Poland engaged in the production of precast concrete elements,

Pudliszki Sp. z o.o.
– brand and producer in the food industry of fruit and vegetables. Presently, the brand is under the American company Heinz

WEMHOFF sp. z o.o.
– Polish representative of the German Capital Group involved in the transport, forwarding and logistics,

Libet S.A.
– one of the leading companies in Poland which manufactures concrete blocks and other concrete surfacing materials,

Rawibox S.A.
– Polish representative of the global Capital Group ROSSMANN engaged in the production of cardboard and cardboard packages, which is also the largest manufacturer of such products in the European Union,

Recykl Organizacja Odzysku S.A.
The main area of Grupa RECYKL S.A. business activity is the management and recycling of postconsumer rubber waste,

Frili Project Management
– Polish representative of the Swedish press corporation investing in, inter alia, industrial and storage facilities,

Fritz Hansen Production Sp. z o.o.
– Danish company, the world leader in the production of luxury furniture and interior furnishings,

Sun&Snow Sp. z o. o.
– Poland’s largest operator managing the rental of apartments in resort towns and cities,

Polski Koncern Mięsny DUDA S.A.
– one of the largest Polish companies in the food industry,

CARGIL (Polska)
– American leader in the production of feed and feed additives for animals,

Companies from the Group of P.W. PIEPRZYK
– specializing in the petroleum, agricultural, trade, distribution, hotel and restaurant industry,

Zakłady Mięsne Ireneusz Sobkowiak
– Polish manufacturer of high quality meats,

Przetwórstwo Mięsne Płatek Spółka Jawna
– Polish manufacturer of high quality meats,

P.P.H.U. Export-Import Roman Kubinka
– one of the leading Polish manufacturers and exporters of coffins,

Rawbud Rawicz Sp. z o.o.
– construction company existing on the local market for over 25 years. It is involved in manufacturing of road signs and road safety devices. Its activities are also focused on the development market,

Univitae Sp. z o.o. S.K.
– investment company whose current activities are focused on the construction of a holiday park in Szklarska Poręba, consisting of three apartment buildings,

– manufacture and slaughter company, created in year 2001. Main activity is production of carcasses and poultry meat.

– producer of delicatessen “Prima”,  created in 1995, in Cracov.